Le Pestiferie 2015

Historic Residences and Design as seen by children

The Bergamo Historic Residences Tour presents Dimore Design 2015, a series of events where history and tradition meets design, art and architecture giving birth to some new experimentations and contaminations of places and atmospheres.
Worlds, disciplines and cultures are interwoven once more inside five Historic Residences, and interpreted by five great Italian designers, all of them to be discovered.

Le Pestiferie 2015

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Le Pestiferie 2015
Palazzo Moroni Domenica 27 settembre, ore 16.30
Activities for children from 3 to 9 years of age.
Prezzi: € 15.00 a bambino. I bambini possono effettuare il laboratorio accompagnati da uno o entrambi i genitori. Per ciascun genitore è previsto il pagamento del biglietto d'ingresso alla Dimora, a tariffa ridotta (€ 5.00)

A creative, educational workshop that presents art and design in a child-friendly way.

DimoreDesign and Mirtillo present “Le Pestiferie”, a project staging art and design made to measure for children.
Art seen through the eyes of a child induces adults to set aside their expectations and education in order to tune in to fanciful and thrilling frequencies.
Let’s re-read the present time, revolutionizing it by starting from a new point of view: the much-awaited generational swap starts with Art.
Welcoming a child at places of art implies creating new suggestions to be able to newly look at it with the child’s imagination.
A child’s description of a work of art gives its own soul back to a painting and attributes its meaning to the artist’s creative action.

Domenica 27 settembre, Palazzo Moronimirtillo
Ore 16.30

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