Riccardo Blumer

"Echoes among men at around 70 hertz"

Dedicated to Vittorio Cereda, an installation made up of hydraulic pipes, playing with low frequencies coming from not-so-ordinary instruments. On top of that, the spaces are scattered with some of the most significant seats designed for Alias.


Riccardo Blumer graduated from the Politecnico di Milano in 1982. From 1983 to 1988 worked at the office of the architect Mario Botta. Since then, operates as an architect and designer working with leading companies such as Alias, Artemide, Desalto, Poliform, Ycami, B & B and Flou, designing public and private interiors (Teatro Alla Scala, Milan) and installations for exhibitions. As an architect creates residential and industrial buildings, currently with the arch. Tomasina is committed to a winery in Tuscany, an interior in Via della Spiga in Milan, a museum and an installation in Switzerland. He teaches at the USI-Accademia di architettura in Mendrisio, University of S. Marino and ISAI the Vicenza. It deals with research methodology addressed to the creative aspects with attention to structural issues in the minimization of the parties in relation to forms of beauty. He developed the Exercise Design and Architecture. Riccardo Blumer, Matteo Borghi, Adrian Freire Garcia constituted the so-called Blumer & friends group, which, since few years, is working on the design world with products, installations and shows mainly centered to a deeper understanding of the phenomena of Nature and of the creative role on the artifice these phenomena force us to adopt , and that, as professionals, we are required to develop. In 1997 he won the “Design Preis Schweiz” in ‘98 and the “Golden Compass”. In 2010, his chairs “laleggera for Alias and Entronauta for Desalto are included in the permanent collection of MoMA NY.