Paola Navone & Rosa Maria Rinaldi

"All in agreement"

Past and present, design and painting exchange looks and ideas with objects and paintings from the past. Crossing the mansion’s threshold, we enter a new dimension marked out by a fluid creativity. The objects float around in time, becoming unusual “voyagers”. En route, they meet other stories, other eras and other worlds. Different adventures arise from these encounters because the interlocutor changes each time. The setting of the space suggests unexpected connections between things, matters and the directions of time, trying to make them all agree.


The flavours and colours of the south of the world, its traditions and movements all coexist in Paola Navone’s spirit. An endless pursuit for original materials, forms and structures springs forth from the fusion of various elements. Paola is an architect, designer, art director, and interior designer who collaborates with the most important names on the international design scenario. She received a prestigious nomination from Interior Design Magazine to be part of the Design Hall of Fame in 2014.

Rosa Maria Rinaldi, an artist who has received international awards, makes use of painting and photographic techniques. Any primitive or contemporary mark that manifests spontaneity in gesture, colour, or composition becomes a landmark. Colours and drawings unite in a free equilibrium in her work and drawings. Flights, dances, movements, leaps, bouncing and racing, bound across the canvases over backgrounds of brilliant reds, violets and pinks, spring green and golden yellows.