Odo Fioravanti

"Fil Rouge"

With the Fil Rouge project, designer Odo Fioravanti proposes a reading of the spaces of Villa Grismondi Finardi employing a red thread that physically crosses the exquisite spaces of this historic residence, guiding the visitor through the rooms amidst the objects that make it unique. The thread unrolls from a small stand in the first room, continuing into the following rooms – like the famed thread of Ariadne - emphasising various objects in the house’s collection and its architectural details. Three white platforms display objects from the villa's collection with products from the designer's production, creating a delightful comparison and ideal dialogue between the different ages. One of the designer’s chairs will face a chair from the house, one of the designer’s teapots with a teapot from the house, and so on in a compelling tête-à-tête.



After graduating with a degree in Industrial Design from the Faculty of Design of the Polytechnic University of Milan, Odo Fioravanti has been working in industrial design since 1998, and experimenting with graphics and exhibition design, with the aim of leading the various disciplines back to a continuous subject. His projects have received prestigious international awards. He has been a lecturer and teacher at many schools and universities such as the Polytechnic University of Milan, IUAV of Treviso, University of San Marino, Istituto Marangoni, Polytechnic School of Design, Domus Academy, and HEAD Genève.

In 2006 he founded the Odo Fioravanti Design Studio which has developed projects for various companies. His works have been part of several international exhibitions, culminating in a solo exhibition entitled “Industrious Design” at the Design Museum of the Triennale in Milan in 2010.