Marco Ferreri

"Garibaldi’s Bride"

A residence surrounded by streets that speak about men and places of the expedition of the Thousand in the city that, of “ a thousand “, gathered the largest number , 174. Among them Rose Montmasson called Rosalia, originally from Savoy, Francesco Crispi’s divorced wife, famous as the only female taking part in the expedition towards Marsala. A bridal veil falls free from the upstairs window overlooking to the garden, fluttering in the wind and caressing things and people telling of a woman who married the ideals of freedom, equality and justice for Herself, for 1000 garibaldini, for all of us.


debernardi tft


Born on 26 February 1958 in Imperia, he graduated in architecture in 1981 at the Politecnico in Milan, the city where he lives and works.

He worked with Marco Zanuso, Angelo Mangiarotti and Bruno Munari.

In 2010 the Triennale Design Museum of Milan organized a big monographic exposition on his job: Marco Ferreri_progettarepensieri.

Many of his objects are  in important design collections as the New York Museum of Modern Art “Permanent Design Collection”, in the Israel Museum of Jerusalem, Collection du Fond National d’Art Contemporain of Paris and in important private collections.

He took part in 9th International Exhibition of Architecture of Venice and in the 1st Architectural Biennial of Beijing.

He was  lecturer in important Italian and international universities.