Luigi Baroli


The installation takes inspiration from a poem written by Angelo Poliziano: “I’ mi trovai, fanciulle, un bel mattino di mezzo maggio in un verde giardino. Erano intorno vïolette e gigli fra l’erba verde, e vaghi fior novelli, azzurri, gialli, candidi e...”


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Born in Corbetta , near Milan, after graduating in architecture at the Milan Polytechnic, he has mainly dealt with interior design, with an eye also for jewelry design. He has created the graphic design of clothing stores in franchising. In 1994 he was awarded the Compasso d’ Oro for the project of the wall Cartoons created by Baleri Italy in 1992. He worked with the company from 1990 to 2004, being in charge of the artistic direction of the showroom in Milan and of the stage of presentation for the collection in Italy and abroad . In 2004 he founded with Enrico Baleri and Marilisa Baleri Decimo the research center eb&c , working with various companies to develop products, among these: Baleri Italia, Gloria, MCMC , San Lorenzo, Kleis, Valsecchi 1918. From 2014 he is the artistic director of Hub Design.