Lorenzo Damiani


In the evocative setting of Palazzo Agliardi we find a series of “today’s” design experiences, undoubtedly chosen in relation to the context of great historical importance in which they are inserted, but also selected according to their design logic. In a spatial sequence marked by important works of art, different "host" objects have been juxtaposed: some were created for material deformation, others in which the perception of the function is slightly modified; still others in which the message becomes the primary function. A path between contemporary projects "grafted" onto a lively space that has been lived in since the distant 1500s, grafts that are eager to dialogue with settings, paintings, furnishings and objects in the elegant treasure trove of the Palazzo, in search of contrasts and harmonies.



Born in 1972, Lorenzo Damiani received his degree in Architecture from the Polytechnic University of Milan. He works in furniture and product design, collaborating with several companies including Caimi Brevetti, Campeggi, Cappellini, Ceramica Flaminia, Da a, IB Rubinetti, Illy Caffè, Lavazza, Luce di Carrara, Montina, Nodus, and Ikea.

The Triennale Design Museum dedicated to him the solo exhibition “Ma Dove Sono Finiti Inventori? Lorenzo Damiani” (Where Have all the Inventors Gone? Lorenzo Damiani), curated by Marco Romanelli and “Prova a Prendermi” (Try To Catch Me), curated by Silvana Annicchiarico. The Achille Castiglioni Foundation hosted the monographic exhibition “Lorenzo Damiani: Senza Stile ” (Lorenzo Damiani: Styleless), curated by Giovanna Castiglioni. His projects are part of the permanent collection of the Chicago Athenaeum, the Triennale Museum and the Vitra Design Museum.

© Ph. Andrea Basile – Ritratto di Lorenzo Damiani, vaso boboli di marmo, due elementi in truciolare.