Katrin Arens


Katrin Arens’s work intends to give a “breath” of life to several spaces that have dozed off in time. In the hall dedicated to Apollo and Diana, the festive atmosphere that once dwelled here is alive again. Nostalgia for the pageantry of days of old makes room for the desire to rediscover the beauty of this place and show it in a new light: lived in, as if the guests of the hall have just left.  A series of personalized small tables, armchairs and objects made out of “workshop scraps” are the centrepieces of the scenario. In this way, Palazzo Agliardi’s hall and portico discover a new direction once more.


Katrin Arens is a passionate collector of objects and materials. After having completed her studies in graphics and design in Düsseldorf, she made a profession out of her passion. In the “Molino di Sotto” and “Vecchia Filanda” workshops in Villa d’Adda in 1997, she began creating unusual articles of clothing, furniture and furnishings which embody the spirit of the past. Katrin Arens’s philosophy can be summed up in two words: recycling and restoration. The past lives of abandoned wood are revitalized and transformed into wonderful new design pieces with a story to tell.  Deep grooves in wood, the smell of old paint, and the memories of creations from years gone by create their own enchantment and come back to life. Katrin’s love for beautiful things inhabits all those materials that convey an intense sense of nature and simplicity.