"Hic et nunc, souvenir of a hybrid world"

Drapes from the Flagmented collection and tableware from the Hybrid collection, produced by Seletti, and works and installations created especially for the purpose complement the original furnishings of Palazzo Moroni. The leading thread is the union of eastern and western cultures.




CTRLZAK Art & Design Studio operates internationally in the field of art and design. The studio, which was founded in 2008 by Thanos Zakopoulos and Katia Meneghini, assisted by a multidisciplinary team, possesses a creative vision that is not limited to a specific sector, thereby enabling the company to develop projects that range from the creation of objects and interiors – such as the production for Seletti – to site-specific art installations.CTRLZAK utilises semiotic and cognitive tools throughout the creative process, proposing forms that go beyond common aesthetic values. The studio’s creative approach is closely linked to the social, environmental and cultural context in which it operates. In the objects and spaces proposed, aspects linked to their memory and the actual history of the place in which they are recontextualised are emphasised, paying attention to details that highlight their symbolic value without, however, rejecting their functionality.

Katia Meneghini was born in 1981 in Cittadella. Passionate about calligraphy and art history, she today develops relational processes and mechanisms of the meeting. Her art favours exploration into social issues by means of performance, installations and accounts gathered.

Thanos Zakopoulos was born in 1978 in Athens. An artist, designer and photographer, among other things, he loves to combine different disciplines and contexts to create projects that hover between contemporary art and design. He has participated in numerous international exhibitions and held lectures on various occasions in different institutions throughout the