Andrea Salvetti

"The road home"

Inspired by the call of the ancient spinning mill, which was situated within the Villa area, four outdoor-indoor installations.


Born in Bozzano Lucca on 17 August 1967. He completed high school specialising in art in Lucca and then graduated from the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Florence. He began working individually as an artist-craftsman in 1993, completing his first pieces of furniture-sculpture in iron, wood and other materials. His collaboration with Dilmos Milano began in 1996, when he exhibited his “Monozoo” collection of chair-sculptures in aluminium casting at the “Salone del Mobile”. From 1999, especially subsequent to his participation in the 48th Biennale in Venice, he began a cross-sectioning stage with a delicate relationship between his work as a sculptor and ardent cook. A number of projects linked to the interaction between art and food followed; interactive works of sculpture where the purpose was always to eat-understand the work of art. From 2004 (exhibitions for Dilmos Milano and MOSS, New York), he pursued his interest in casting metals like aluminium and bronze, perfecting his knowledge of the materials and crafting techniques. The exhibition “terraterra” in April 2007 (accompanied by the book “Andrea Salvetti terraterra” – Electa 2007) covers ten years of his work in this direction with the “L’ALBERO” [tree] and “Tronchi” [trunks] projects, which together with “Monozoo” and “L’ apparita” [apparition] are considered among his most representative works. He has participated in international exhibitions like Art Design in London, Design Miami / Basel. In 2009 he exhibited the Tree [“L’albero”] at the Triennale in Milan and the large cupola of flowers[ “Mazzolin di fiori”] at the Anfiteatro Piazza in Lucca. He then went on to create the “Rethonet” collection, which he presented at a personal exhibition during the FIAC in Paris (Foire Internationale d’Art Contemporain). Salvetti works with various furniture manufacturing companies (including Gervasoni, Alivar, Zerodisegno, Minotti), and has certain exclusive furniture designer labels (Sony, Heineken, Costagroup). He has also created several special artworks for Philippe Starck projects.